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In early 2019 a number of community groups nine (9) came together to form

'The  Friends of Tomaree Headland'

representing organisations from business, tourism, community, historical  and environmental groups, who subsequently prepared a Vision Document for the future of the Tomaree Headland.  

In June 2020, the organisation developed a more formal structure and became

'The Tomaree Headland Heritage Group Inc.' 

The 'Tomaree Headland Friends' has now become Incorporated and will now be known as Tomaree Headland Heritage Group Inc.


In June 2020

'The Tomaree Headland Heritage Group Inc' 

A Board of Management was elected from the nine (9) committed Community Groups on the Peninsula representing organisations from Business, Tourism, Community, Historical and environmental groups to produce a VISION DOCUMENT for the future of the Tomaree Headland. 

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Community Vision-June2021.jpg

This VISION DOCUMENT prepared by the representative of the nine (9) Community groups.

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